Antenatal Private Consultation

Preparing for your birth is a huge task but quite often we forget to think about breastfeeding.  I do realise it is hard to take in information while pregnant however some tips for breastfeeding are very useful even if it is to help cope with the conflicting information that you will receive during hospital.

Breastfeeding becomes on-the-job training which is quite difficult when your are recovering from birth and are very tired.  So why not book in early for antenatal breastfeeding advice, we will cover the following:

  • Free phone call assessment for new clients
  • Comprehensive history of pregnancy
  • Comprehensive history of previous breastfeeding experience if relevant
  • Detailed plan for first few days after birth
  • 10% off private postnatal visits
  • Free phone support for the first week after birth
  • Detailed letter on conclusion of our visit to keep for other health professionals
  • Skype consultations available
  • In home assessment or office

My all inclusive fee for the antenatal private consultation is $97 depending on where you live there may be an extra charge for clients out of the Brisbane North area.  Please ask during our initial chat.