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Can Breast Milk Cure Cancer?

“Breast milk is human, perfect and cannot be replicated.  It is perfect for baby’s immature tummies and is paramount to the survival of our species.
We are mammals and as humans we are the only species that uses another species milk, cow’s milk formula, to grow their young.  When you think about this it is really silly that we would choose to use artificially made milk for the precious task of developing our babies.

Breastfeeding is just one way in which we are using breast milk but there are many other ways.  You may have heard that if your baby has a sticky eye to put breast milk in it or if your nipples are sore you dab breast milk on them.  So how do we all feel about the use of breast milk for other illnesses such as cancer!

There have been some recent studies where products of breast milk are being used to kill tumour cells.  It stands to reason that our bodies can indeed fix our illnesses, just like we use plants as remedies and medicines, why not human milk!

On a personal note, my mother, who was diagnosed with cancer in her plasma cells almost 3 years ago and has been drinking pasteurised donor breast milk since her diagnosis.

Breast milk has human stem cells contained in their liquid gold and this fights cancer.  My mum has been a lactation consultant for over 15 years and after her diagnosis, she felt that breast milk was the answer.

Mum continued to have regular medical treatment as well as breast milk and excelled in her recovery.  Within her fifth month of diagnosis, her blood test showed she was in remission and she had not commenced chemotherapy at this stage.

She continued her remission and began her stem cell transplant in a healthy state.  Her recovery from this was also remarkable and at this time of writing she is in complete remission, travelling Australia and loving life.

Now it is hard to point to breast milk as her saviour but in conjunction with treatment, I believe my mum has had ‘the edge’ as she would say.  Her gut has been flushed with stem cells, good bacteria and nutrition as she took her medications.  What better way to keep your body in tip top health than the milk that grows our young.  It just makes sense!

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